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Wild, peculiar and my sweetheart 

She's a tomboy who loves skirts, dresses and pink!

She's beyond wild, absolutely clumsy and although she doesn't has, until now, an extraordinary talent, she has one of the most fantastic qualities rooted into her personality by nature: She's genuine, foolish and brazen, but we love her for that.

She'll take the last place at Sports Day with a smile on her tiny face, she'll want to be surrounded by her friends as she hates to play on her own, she'll share her bag of sweets for the pleasure of sharing and please everyone until she realises there's only one more left.

She has no filters but her heart is giant.

But she's no angel!

This is not only cupcakes and rainbows!

We do look like cat and dog most of the times, she's very determined and fearless.

On the other hand, innocence and kindness are truly hers.

Since she started school, I believe I'm finally seeing some fruits on her patience and tolerance towards drawing and painting - there are loads of other benefits she achieved, but I have a special connection with this particular one.

But just because I'm still running, fighting and learning to reach my goal of becoming a full-time artist doesn't mean I'm expecting anything similar to her.

It's actually the opposite in the sense that I'm completely not expecting her to exceed in her artistic habilities and I wouldn't dare to force her or compare her with me when I was a child.

I'm unique; she's unique, we are different persons with different personalities, even hough we are mother and daughter.

And that's perfectly fine.

I want her to do whatever makes her happy, whatever the subject, whatever the preference.

I want her to be successfull - obviously - and I'll be her cheerleader for her cause.


In the meantime, there's no denial I'm super proud of what she has achieved so far as a 4-years-old child, a finalist of Reception (hello Summer Holidays in less than two weeks!) and a bright little powerful soul.


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