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. PRIVACY notice .

In this Data Protection Statement you will see references to Customer, Order process, Order, and Seller /PipaCrafts, being the Order process considered from the first to the last message exchanged between Customer and Seller / PipaCrafts from the moment a query is made until the order is dispatched by the delivery services.

You should read all the descriptions to be aware about what PipaCrafts do with your personal data and what is collected during the Order process.


I N T R O D U C T I O N :


Your personal data is data which by itself, or with other data, is available to PipaCrafts, can be used to identify you.


T Y P E S   O F   P E R S O N A L   D A T A   C O L L E C T E D   A N D   U S E D :


Your data is collected directly and exclusively during the Order process through the selling platforms mentioned below. Data can include:

> Name

> Address

> Email (whenever applicable)

> Photographies sent by you as 'Customer' through the selling platforms PipaCrafts works from

> Any names, dates, wording and nicknames shared by you as 'Customer' that will be necessary to fulfil a customized order, so necessary through the ‘Order process’

> Family, lifestyle or social circumstances if relevant to the service provided and only if shared by you as 'Customer' and not necessarily requested by me

> Personal data about other named individuals needed to fulfil your order. You must have their authority to provide their personal data to me as 'Seller' and share this Data Protection Statement with them beforehand, together with details of what you have agreed on their behalf.


P R O V I D I N G   P E R S O N A L   D A T A :


By sharing your personal data with me you agree and consent me to process it to fulfil your order with PipaCrafts


C O M M U N I C A T I O N S :


I will always encourage all communications to be made through online selling platforms.

Communications via email or social media will be filtered so that the entire 'Order process' takes place on online selling platforms only.

I will monitor and record our communications for regulatory compliance and to protect the security of our communications.


L E G A L   B A S I S :


I'll process your personal data:

> As necessary to execute and fulfil your order with PipaCrafts

> As necessary for my own legitimate interests such as good governance, accounting and managing business operations

> To comply with legal and regulatory requirements

> Based on your consent while processing any special category of personal data about you at your request (e.g. Racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, memberships, genetic, biometric data, sexual lif or orientation, etc) - you are free at anytime to change your mind and withdraw your consent. The consequences might be that I won't be able to do certain things for you/your order.


S H A R I N G   Y O U R   P E R S O N A L   D A T A :


I will not share your personal data with any associated companies, no subcontractors, mailing lists, agencies or any third party with exception to Government bodies such as HM Revenue & Customs(*)

The data I collect from you while exchanging messages and through the ‘Order process’ is to exclusively fulfill your order and will not be used or shared by anyone except me and the online selling platform.

Your name, address, email and social media contact will be used exclusively to fulfil your order, while it lasts and while it's being processed.


(*) H M   R E V E N U E   &   C U S T O M S   ( HMRC )   A N D   G O V E R N M E N T (If it applies) :


In order to confirm the accuracy of the income information to be provided by PipaCrafts to the legal authorities (e.g. Revenue, expenses, net profit, losses, etc) I may share information about your order for the purposes of annual Self-Assessments.

However, data presented for those purposes refers exclusively to numerical/monetary values and your name, address or contacts will not be shared unless required by law.


A U T O M A T E D   D E C I S I O N S :


By sharing with me at first stage - such as prior an order or query with personal sensitive content (e.g. Photography, names dates, places) - without me as 'Seller' having requested it, means the customer's acceptance and consent to its use once placed an order to be processed by me during the 'Order process'.


R E T E N T I O N   P E R I O D S :


The following criteria are used to determine data retention periods for your personal data:

> In case of queries - I'll retain your data for as long as necessary to deal with your queries, ‘Order process’ and ‘Order’

> In case of claims - as long as you might bring claims against me, delivery services or about the order in general.

> In accordance with legal and regulatory requirements - I'll need to retain your personal data after your order has been completed, dispatched and received based on legal and regulatory requirements - for taxes purposes, between 5-7 years


Y O U R   R I G H T S   U N D E R   A P P L I C A B L E   D A T A   P R O T E C T I O N   L A W :


> To be informed about me processing your personal data

> To have your personal data corrected if its innacurate or incomplete

> To object to processing your personal data

> To have your personal data erased - “right to be forgotten”

> In relation to automated decision making

> To complain to the Information Commissioners Office


D A T A   A N O N Y M I S A T I O N   A N D   A G G R E G A T I O N :


Your personal data may be converted into statistical data which can't be used to identify you. This data won't be shared nor used beyond the research and reports point of view from PipaCrafts business.

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