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Hello and welcome to PipaCrafts !

My name is Filipa, I’m 35-years-old artist from Lisbon and the UK is my home since 2012.

I started studying Arts when I was 14 at Antonio Arroio School of Arts in Lisbon and in 2010 I finished my Fine Arts Degree at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon.

About PipaCrafts

I'm also mum to a wonderful 9-years-old daughter and married with the greatest guy I met almost 17 years ago!

I've worked in retail, I was a teacher assistant at a primary school while studying for my Master in Education until I've decided to leave everything behind and moved to London with my husband.

PipaCrafts concept was sketched after my daughter was born and I finally jumped on it with all my hopes in 2015. PipaCrafts is bit of a chaotic yet positive, fun, creative 'homemade' place dedicated to unique keepsakes specially designed for your special occasion/celebration. ​ ​

To finish, let me take a deep breath and welcome you to this very home-and-handmade beloved project.

With love,

Filipa (aka Pipa) x

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