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Children Birthday Interview. My new lovely product!

I've been dreaming about publishing this particular item for months.

I even posted on Instagram and told at the top of my lungs (to convince myself, perhaps?) that I was going to reveal it soon. I photographed it, edited the photos and could not help but to feel a small, constant dissatisfaction that consumed my desire to finally show the work I was so proud of.

In its digital format it was all I wanted and had envisioned: the colours, fonts, composition, size.

I loved it, beginning, middle and end.

The print arrived flawlessly.

Hard cover and glossy finish as I had imagined for a keepsake as special as this one.

However, although lovely, I wasn't satisfied 100%.


Confidence was there, 95% of what I wanted was there, but 5% of dissatisfaction was enough to make me step back and postpone, postpone and postpone launching this product.

Later on, the more I was analysing the finished product, the more unhappy I was.

The pagination looked fainted, the satin texture was not what I wanted after all and the photographic paper feel was driving me nuts.

It was missing the matt touch, decent margins, lovely casual book feeling to write on the go, year after year.

That's what I was looking for.

It was my first printing experience with a professional printing company and despite the fair price to help me in the production of something I digitally built from scratch with such affection, care and delicacy, it didn't give me the finishing "Wow Factor" I was expecting or wanting.

It took months - yes, months - of searching until I decided to risk and print it again with a new company.

The result arrived in the early days of August 2019, the same day I celebrated my 350th sale on Etsy.

I felt a warm and sweet sensation of happiness. I said to myself: Ah, this is exactly what I expected!

I realised that, as it happens in our lives in general, simplicity is an extremely valuable bonus and delays always happen for a reason. I was crossed and disappointed and initially believed my idea had failed, but by wanting it so much and waiting and trying once again, what I gained was so much better!

And now, I cannot stop wanting to show this lovely keepsake as soon as possible and I'm finally writing down Alice's hilarious answers from when she turned 4 and 5, together with photos of those special days!

If you would like to know all about this BIRTHDAY INTERVIEW BOOK check all the details on my Etsy shop!

And if you can, share it with your loved ones too. After all, sharing is not only caring, but it is also free!

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