The first week of November revealed to be tricky (let's just summarise by mentioning printer problems, stone age desktop with a frozen and dead editing app, more dentist visits and a phone call from the kid's school saying they ran over her at playtime hurting her eye)...

In the meantime I had a thousand of questions for each one of my problems.

To lighten this grey, thick, low and so dark cloud that hangs over me during the best month of the year, I decided to take a look at my most recent works - 2019 at least.

It has been, undoubtedly, the year for couple's illustrations.

I have done more portraits for couples this year than in the last two years together.

The experience remains amazing, the learning is a constant and it is still a process I love.

These are not the latest nor my TOP favourites (I appreciate each and every single one, whether the journey has been more or less hectic, so it doesn't seem fair to prefer one or another).

The ones I leave here today are just some photos I enjoyed taking, close-ups that appeared in one of the many folders with thousands of commissions photos to be edited, already edited or ready to publish.