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Illustrating other's big moments

It's easy and contagious to be approached for an illustrative adventure based on a unique and special moment in the life of a person, a couple, a family.

But the moment of greatest tension - and not so contagious or exciting - is to put into practice the concept discussed, with clients and future clients with extensive, detailed and explicit vision of what they are looking to achieve, and some others more vague, almost relaxed and comfortable to give wings to my creativity.

Whether the situation tilts one way or the other, getting started is hard.

It almost feels like I'm waiting for the right moment, the X moment, the almost magical gap in an hour, a morning ou a day that will allow me to combine all the elements to make it work and voilá ... It went so much better than I thought!

It always turns out much better than my initial expectations, which is awesome!

Although naturally pessimistic, pessimism is not allowed in the process of creating an illustration for someone.

By the way, it's a reason for motivation, optimism, enthusiasm and happiness to be part of that special moment - a good meaningful celebration is always celebrated when it lands on my little online shop!

2019 is not over yet and I must confess that it's been a rattling roller coaster ride.

So far, I have done wonderful things but I have also had rocks on the way to face and fear for myself.

There are hiccups, but gratitude speaks louder.

And I've learnt so much!

Learning comfort in words of approval for our efforts and receiving criticism and feedback that fills our hearts with joy is incredible in a way that all I want is to tell the four corners of this round world how happy I am for this opportunity - even if no one will listen, that's okay by me, really.

The experience is fantastic, the journey is going well and it feels great to make someone smile with my handmade interpretation of their happy moment.

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