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Christmas Orders Now Open!

Christmas Orders are now open!

I know.

Yes, I know Halloween is not here yet and many may wonder how indecent it is to talk about Christmas already.

However, you'll know I'm right when I say that as soon as it marks midnight on November 1st, Halloween is sympathetically packed in a box and everything related to Christmas will start to peek - Christmas TV ads will pop eveywhere and occasional Christmas songs will hit the radio mixed with the top 40 of the week!

This is to say that while Christmas is still several weeks away, for a small handmade business like PipaCrafts, organization and preparation for the busiest time of the year is key and nothing better than planning ahead.

For that reason, for current and future PipaCrafts clients...

PipaCrafts is officially open for Christmas Orders!

From October 20th to November 10th, slots are open for your Christmas orders - whether watercolour portraits, pet portraits, couples illustrations, children illustrations, family portraits or specific commissions.

But why such early dates? You ask (go on, please ask)

Well, considering a single watercolour portrait (at peak time) takes between 4-6 weeks and watercolours must not be hurried or rushed, I must ensure that all orders have enough time to be created and developed by me, executed in time for then to be prepared, wrapped, packed and sent to the client and its final destination: Being a Christmas present!

Check my Etsy shop to place your orde, or if you have questions, do not hesitate! Message me on Etsy or Instagram!

Thank you and see you soon!

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