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Who am I after all? 29 random facts about me

In 2017 I celebrated my 29th birthday.

I never imagined myself at this age, but I never imagined myself not having it. Does it makes any sense?

For fun, I gathered some facts about myself - 29. I am on the mood to be surrounded by positive vibes and not being ashamed about what I share on social media, not being shy about who I am, what I do and how much I do.

These random facts made me think a bit and I enjoyed it actually, made me go back to my memories and bring 'out of the box' things that made me laugh, reminded certain episodes in life and in general it was great fun!

Hope you enjoy and share with me your random facts too - on Facebook, Instagram, anywhere you like - would love to read them.

1 I'm a Sagittarius but I can't agree with most of the definitions in the horoscopes. Everytime I read one, I think:

This has nothing to do with me!

2 November is my favourite month.

3 My daughter's name was chosen in honor of my first dog. There were no hesitations, options, suggestions as soon as we knew it was a girl - dad did not had a voice on that subject...

4 I have the most terrible addiction and I don't like it at all: I bite my nails.

5 I'm an early bird. I love mornings, love starting the day, love to wake up. Mornings are my most inspiring moment and the most productive one.

6 My greatest existential doubt: More children. Yes or No?

7 Growing old and getting to know myself is the most fascinating stage of my adult life so far.

8 Best, wildest memories: Fine Arts University in Lisbon where I met the love of my life, studied Art and pretended to understand all those intellectual teachers and mentors (bullshit talk if I can be honest with you, after almost 10 years!)

9 I'm braver than what I believe.

10 Ambition moves me to map and build a path for my family.

11 I never thought I could give birth. But I did and I survived and few hours later I was taking a cold shower and walking around the Maternity Ward as if nothing happened.

12 Biggest temptation: Cakes.

13 Colour? A brave stroke about all tones of grey.

14 As a child, I kept saying to everyone I was allergic to kiwis. I still don't like it. Don't like the shape, texture, smell nor consistency. Yuck!

15 I wish I had used braces to correct my teeth.

16 My curiosity to visit the United States grows at a considerable speed, and I don't know why!

17 I wish I could be more neat, tidy and organized.

18 My biggest fear? Not being able to watch my daughter grow up.

19 I'm a more relaxed mum than I thought I would be.

20 Short trip for two: Venice! Tomorrow please!

21 Family Trip: Disneyland.

22 I hate planes, I wish I could take a sleeping pill to be dropped at the plane and wake up once landed on destination.

23 I wish I could be more talented. Really.

24 I started ballet at 3 until I was 10 years old. I still don't know the real reason to give up something I loved so much.

25 I am horrible at sports. I was usually the last one to be picked for a team at school. I hate balls and instead of grab them, I run from them (this sounds fun... and akward).

26 My childhood: My Little Pony, Spice Girls, Barbie, Sailor Moon.

27 If I could change something in me? My nose. Or my acne problem... In fact, I can't decide what's worse!

28 I am so afraid of spiders I almost had an accident while driving. Can't kill them, can't stop starring at them, can't leave the room otherwise I may not be able to live in peace on that space knowing it is there... somewhere!

29 Terror or Thriller movies are a big no-no.

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