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You don't want to buy Christmas presents if it doesn't 'smell' like Christmas

I've been buying presents since October.

Yes, October!

Why? Because this year it all came earlier: At the city's shopping centre, stores' display windows are stuck with magical Christmas trees; 'jingle bells, saxophones, classical voices and crystal choruses' popped into our ears as soon as Halloween finished, and so the promotions began.

Normally, sales and promotions flood the stores as Christmas ends, but if we pay attention, promotions are 'disguised' all around: Christmas sets, new and cheaper Christmas trees, decorations, early sales, all that is ready for those who do not want to do 'last minute Christmas shopping'.

You don't want to buy Christmas presents if it doesn't 'smell' like Christmas; however, Christmas feeling is already everywhere this year!

And now what?

Well, I have 95% of the Christmas presents bought; I 'spent' wisely and gently during the last 2 months before Christmas in an attempt to avoid the risk of 'breaking the Christmas budget', buying everything at once!

For me, it turned out much easier and simpler: One or two small shopping a week, a list with ideas, budgets and... voilá!

Presents began to appear under our tree - assembled as soon as November arrived. So very proud!

It paid off, being extremely organized this year really worked!

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