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Winter is certainly walking towards us in slippers!

Days off are meant to be full, especially as the sun remains sympathetic and appears during the early hours of the 'proper morning'.

Otherwise, once the lunch is done and we consider going somewhere, it's 4.29pm - it's okay and it still seems like there's plenty of day ahead. Then, when we look through the window it's 4.30pm and it seems to be midnight - I saw this comparison on Facebook the other day and I thought it couldn't be more honest.

Therefore, it is not entirely absurd to leave the house - on the day off - to be at the park at 9.30am, thermometer marking 3ºC.

I repeat: we have to take advantage of every single moment, we don't know what the Winter holds, but it is certainly walking towards us in slippers, so every minute out of the house + sun + clear skies + a 26-months-old little girl count...

Every minute to spend energy outdoors count!

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