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Maybe it's my favorite time of the year

Yes, Autumn is here.

Maybe it's my favorite time of the year: the sky remains clear and blue, clouds are white (when it does not rain, obviously, let's keep it poetic, please!) and although the days get shorter day after day, the rides in the park give us the most splendid views, a mix of greens, browns, reds, oranges and yellows contrasting the 'ice-blue sky'.

Sunny days are particularly part of that autumn-y feeling, I would say; blue skies and lower temperatures are particularly special too - call me idiot if you like: the rustle of leaves under the wellies, warm coats, a scarf and a beanie and it seems possible to dominate the world with nothing stopping us!

As I always say: I prefer cold then rain. I say and I repeat - there is nothing more depressing than rain, especially if we have to go out, go to work, get transports, go shopping or spending the day 'in and out and about' dragging umbrellas with us, everywhere.

These days are the perfect transition to accomodate the winter that is coming, and being able to walk through the park with this time gives us encouragement to get another week.

With lakes, ducks, swings, swans and bicycles to the mix.

#Autumn #park #simpledays #familytime

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