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Being a mum in Legoland (or simply on mini-holidays... pretty much the same thing, anyway)

Being a mum is to exchange that pleasant, nervous but exciting feeling of waiting our turn on a roller coaster that reaches 120km/h in less than X seconds, to wait in a tiny queue for a ride on the 'giant' wheel with 8 shaped balloon seats;

Being a mum is to sit your toddler on her white horse and accept the mini-tantrum (she's seated on the while horse with the green saddle instead of the red one);

Being a mum is to see her steering the Lego boat that hits against the edges more than it navigates straight;

Being a mum is watching the Pirates' show at main bay three times a day - at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm... - Ahoy me hearties! Yes, here we are again! Yes, the red pirate will always be the bad one; yes, the blue pirate is just simply silly;

Being a mum is trying - unsuccessfully - to explain that we are seeing an outdoor miniature's display and although very tempting to these little hands, we must not touch;

Being a mum is to accept that the holidays are, more than ever, hard work and far from being quiet and peaceful, including:

> A backpack mixed with wipes and purses;

> On my shoulder next to my H&M snood there's a dirty pink blanket;

> Bearded dad carries on his arm a Minnie Mouse mini-backpack leash;

> A pushchair with warm lining that keeps falling and doesn't zip anymore follows us everywhere;

> A bag with the camera makes it a nightmare to get a toddler on the lap;

> 2 pair of tights, 2 pair of jeans, 2 tops, 2 cardigans fill the changing bag (we never know if there will be an expected weewee or an accident with the food);

> The changing bag is heavy as hell and full of all that is necessary - and very often unnecessary too - but essential 'just in case'.

BUT!... And despite all this mess, being a mum (and a dad too, because this time he deserves a mention) is also the pleasure of contemplating her different perception of things - unsure but not insecure; fascinated and curious but cautious and with a face of happiness that has no definition yet.

Above all, the 'New' factor was there. The good, healthy and beautiful 'New'. Priceless and hard to explain, but so easy and clear to see.

In the end of the day, everything went so well, I came back home without regreting the end of the mini-holidays. I arrived happy because there was no scares, no uproars, no quarrels, no misunderstandings, no unexpected.

We deserved it. We were excited and came back tired but super happy.

Mission Accomplished.

And so Alice became the youngest family member to make the first visit to an amusement park at the young age of 2.

Let that be the beginning of many more visits, we have a massive and incredible journey together ahead!

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