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October, Wedding and Pumpkins.

Autumn seems to be official.

Heavy coats and scarves have already left their wardrobes and shelves.

At dawn, phone marks 6º C, hands on the bike freeze and the air I puff is already cold enough to be visible in the dark morning, a morning without sun, without light, a morning which still seems to be night.

The current phase of this little diva is fantastic: I have this mini-little person who loves to see our little family all together, loves being the center of attentions, walking on a floor mined with dolls, soft toys, puzzle's pieces, socks and playmobil is her forte and her character-look is priceless.

She speaks not only with us, but with herself and with her little babies too - whether that means Peppa Pig, Minnie Mouse or simply a plastic broccoli from her supermarket basket collection. Her till - with a microphone - is her computer these days and transform a blue slide into a phone is no problem at all!

As the portuguese say, she talks 'by the elbows' (meaning that being quiet and silent is difficult or pretty much impossible!), and when she's unstoppable, she replies to me in english so we end up with a big fruit salad in our house when it comes to languages.

And we went pumpkin picking on a beautiful, sunny (although windy) afternoon too!

October has two meanings: Wedding and Halloween.

It also smells like Christmas too and I'm pretty sure it arrived earlier, all this fuss about the best and magical time of the year - I've been sneaking into shops to check if I can find our new Christmas tree for this year...

As soon as November start, will get our tree up!

But first... Pumpkins! Will try to make some pumpkin conserve (or jam, whatever!) with some nuts.

Can't wait!

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