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Hello life! How are you today?

I need to write more often from the therapeutic point of view. On the other hand, with an average of 1 1/2 hour of "me time" per day (when a nap happens), time seems to need to be drained with other things.

I wish - I need it so much - to have more "1 1/2 hours just for me"...

In these two years, much has changed and I feel, more than ever, that this is a transitional phase, as if nothing that is happening now will be permanent, definitive or safe. I cannot explain precisely and that is frustrating.

I cannot say I'm always happy to be a mum either; a cannot say I'm a happy woman and wife 200%, 365 days. Whoever is, please accuse yourself, I would love to meet you!

I might be too ambitious at this point, it may be a virtue for me, but a headache for many as well!

I like reciprocity and I dare say I'm a peaceful person who wishes no harm to anyone, although I can imagine the 'labels' I may have from others' point of view...

I know everything will continue to change - Hello life! How are you today? - Despite being a "No" absolutely unbearable to hear lately.

I cannot stand a "No" these days. Conditions, credibility, affordability are words that are messing with my nerves .

To compensate, and totally random, never dawns seemed so fantastic and powerful; some of the most beautiful skies I saw in my life so far happened in the last four months.


What absolutely stunning early morning I've seen - with exception of days when I open the door and a blanket of rain knocks on my face. In such cases, the picture soon changes and arises obviously the inevitable "F#%k! B!$ch! Damn this weather!"

Yes, this also has to exist.

I can also confirm the care I have every morning not to step on the slugs and snails that cross my bicycle wheels - I had no idea they were such early birds! (Awkward!)

Finally, here is the thought of the day: May tomorrow be brighter.

#loosethoughts #beingamum

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