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No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

This week we had achievements at the swimming pool.

With goggles is another story!

They were pink, misted and creasing her tiny, round nose. But it was love at first sight - between her and the goggles, of course!

She became such a fearless little girl enjoying three dives from the mat while singing all the typical nursery songs on a monday afternoon... She was full of beans (and I was such a proud and happy mum!).

Playing with dolls.

Despite those who tell me the girl likes screwdrivers, hammers and coveralls (nothing against a future in mechanical engineering by the way!) - I caught her several times around baby Sophia - a doll devoid from its original clothes from the first moment Alice got her hands on it.

The caring side - and, I would say, almost maternal, is there: Giving a bottle, lying Sophia in bed (with pillow and covers included!) and getting Peppa Pig onto a dolls' stroller for a walk.

For both, she will sing Family Finger (or Finger Family, there are versions for all tastes on Youtube, I don't know anymore what's real, accurate and what's not, some videos just blow my mind... how come they have millions of views? I just don't get it!)!!!

She also sings Johnny Johnny, Miss Polly Had A Dolly... yet the best episode took place together with her favorite song: Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.

Minnie jumped,

Mickey jumped,

The Twirlywoos jumped,

Upsy Daisy jumped,

a baloon was thrown,

baby Sofia jumped,

Hey Duggee jumped,

a Barbie jumped,

George Pig jumped,

Timbas (meaning Panda on Alice's own language) jumped,

Susy Sheep jumped,

A Rabbit jumped...

They all jumped on the bed and everything was thrown against the bed; after each fall, there was a little Alice dressed with a patterned flowal dress and bright pink phone in hand ready to sing - at her very own haste, bratty and shortned way:

"(...) and the doctor said, no more baby jumping on the bed!"

Finally, and while we watch the Great British Bake Off (Season 7) - each of us with their own gadget in hands and the little girl between us, warm skin, barefeet and on nappy only, I realize about the traces of a happy birthday party: plenty of pink cards, the Happy Birthday bunting still hanging on the wall, 2 measly survivors balloons, a tent that now accommodates some of the new toys, paper cups, paper plates, nozzles from the pipping bag to be storaged and white plain cake stands waiting for my next baking adventure.

Life can look so messy and laid back sometimes.

I like that feeling though.

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