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What I earned on that 28th day of August was bigger than a galaxy compared with all that was lost.

I always knew August was my least favorite month.

In 2014 I had to "swallow the frog" by accepting the August month would be bringing to me (and until the end of my days) a revolution on my life's dynamics, the greatest gift I had been gifted in my existence:

I became the mother of a wonderful and perfect child, despite all the scares preached by consultants and widwives at the last minute on my pregnancy.

I lost a lot.

Some people stopped talking to me; some others I decided not to talk anymore.

And many other stuff. Boring stuff.

However, what I earned on that 28th day of August was bigger than a galaxy compared with all that was lost.

And now each August will be made of preparation, imagination, dedication and organization of what looks like a mini wedding!

Let's face it:

A kids' party is hard work and I'm guilty for having decided that our house would welcome more than fifteen people (I was right, by the way); I was guilty for thinking that I could make all the cakes (I was right and did it all!); I was guilty for having organized everything as soon as August began, from invitations, deco inspirations, birthday tables, cakes, flowers, plates, balloons, tags and all that (and I was right once more, as by the evening before I completed everything successfully).

*Pating myself on the back*

But above all the hassle, I can say I felt my beloved toddler (at the top of her transition to a 2-year-old little human) was ecstatic, super happy, energetic and I, as a mum, delighted to see her shy-self be set aside to enjoy some endless running around the garden, enjoying ripping wrapping paper with genuine curiosity, and to hear her very surprised (with her eyes shining) saying "rainbow!" in from of her homemade birthday cake with 6 layers of different colours!

They say some things are priceless.

Whoever invented this saying, couldn't be more accurate!

And so I share here some of the morning's records before the party, with everything ready for mums, dads and kids. It was a happy day, cherishing a promise to watch her grow with plenty of health, happiness and joy.

Happy Birthday

my beautiful Alice.

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