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Something NEW...

The idea began when I confronted myself with my ridiculous lack of originality to offer anything to anyone.

Going through a phase in her life that presents itself full of ungrateful obstacles, lovely J - woman, wife and mum - deserved a special offer that could strengthen her strenght to face her husband's condition and also to never stop believing that their daughter - gorgeous L - will always be their refuge point, their pride and joy even during dark periods.

It took a while to get the offer ready from our September Mummies 2014 Group - no, I have not talked about this group so very dear to me... but I will! - but thanks to momma C's ingenious suggestion and to super organized momma H, it finally arrived to J's door a huge parcel to pampering her, husband D and little L, with a series of memories, gifts, presents and super original ideas from head to toes as a result of a great effort - the goodwill move, effectively, mountains!

As for me - originality missing - it wouldn't leave my mind an image in particular and I wanted my contribution to be, in some way, related with it: J and D, super pretty, huge smiles, super funny expressions while posing with accessories for a photobooth at a party.

For me, they were overflowing life, youth, complicity - not to mention that their white pearly smiles were to envy!!

And so I can say that my contribution was "handmade from the heart" to them, for both, a celebration as a couple, as an union, an incentive to fight for the return of happiness and stability.

I tried, I risked and I received such an exceptional feedback that felt proud of myself and so very happy!

With J & D's picture, were soon to appear more requests and more orders, which definitely caught me by surprise, such as the one from hilarious E to get a card for her friend H and then lovely C with a personalized birthday card as a gif.

I can only wish to repeat this experience with more and more orders, more requests like these, spontaneous and that give me so much confidence to accept, again and again... What a pleasure is to experiment with materials, return to watercolours and make every picture and every card an exclusive one in order to lead to a happy smile of approval

There are days where I feel really lucky.

Today was such a day...

#somethingspecial #HandmadewithLove #friendship #happiness #personalizedcards

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