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A special swap...

The idea started when one of the members of "our" secret September 2014 Mummies Group suggested a swap... Someday I will speak a little bit more about this lovely group, I'm pretty sure of that.

The idea? To write our names in small pieces of paper, pick them inside a hat and do a surprise swap between us.

The idea made an endless rain of exciting messages. The mobile phone wouldn't stop bleeping, vibrating and blinking and during this experience I realized that I'm definitely not a creative person when it comes to offer "surprise gifts", although all the positive energy beaming from the group.

My swap was with H and based on some tips about her likes and dislikes this multipurpose handmade notebook was born, a project where I took advantage from every single second during baby A's naps and whenever she wasn't a "velcro baby".

This is the best way I found to express how much I like someone when I need to offer something: Doing it by hand and specially for someone.

I apologized for any eventual imperfections due to such short time to create it and also for my lack of words, wishing however that my message would be well received!

When my parcel arrived I felt electric with such a big parcel for me and only for me. I felt so spoiled... it was like Christmas in August!

I loved all details and the fact H had shared with me some of her hobbies. And I got a novel! Finally!

A novel to read, read and read during pleasing and rare leasure moments - which I don't have since baby A was born; the chocolates didn't last long enough and the idea to send me material to learn how to do crochet was absolutely fantastic, specially because I once decided to be autodidatic and learnt how to knit a (unfinished though) blanket. It was so cute to find out about our common like regarding yarns, needles and so on, specially being a hobby we have never shared... what a curious coincidence!

Not to mention that thanks to H I will learn how to plant a flower! How cool is that?

I only regret not sending the parcel on a shoebox pretty well wrapped on a beautiful wrapping paper...

To find out what we got for our surprise swap or just to see more pictures of our gift to H you can have a look into our Notebook's gallery here and also on Instagram @pipacrafts

See you soon!

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