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Until becoming the final product, each work is a project - some more scrawled than others - and once revealed at early stages they can cause some panic:

"What... is... this?"

In fact, they are quick sketches that define structures, proportions, positions, features, and are a great help for the avoidance of unwanted or unpleasant surprises in the final work; these are sketches in pencil or with the first watercolour base already applied and I do have the tendency to send at least one picture to each client about their orders.

I like to let them know that I'm dealing with their requests with all my attention and devotion - even being a full-time mum with a permanent upside down house!

This stage requires some quiet and pleasure in the chaos on my life. That's the meaning of these sketches, I believe.

I like my clients to have an idea of how the work takes place - even if they don't understand anything about it! - giving them the chance to sense how I drew them, how I designed the composition and, above all, to get their first impressions, what they think and if our ideas are running to the same point.

I like to work knowing they are happy and that I have their 'seal of approval' in order to proceed with the next part - giving color, life, contours, texture and definition to what initially may seem "weird"... What a journey!


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