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. Terms & Conditions .

I N T R O D U C T I O N :

1.1. These Terms & Conditions apply to the use of the website By accessing the website and/or placing an order, the client is agreeing with these terms. Please read the T&C before making any order with PipaCrafts.


R I G H T S :

2.1. The website is operated by PipaCrafts who reserves the right to change these T&C at any time.

2.2. All stationery, designs and artwork at belong to PipaCrafts, as well as all intellectual property (including, without limitation, photography and graphical images). All rights reserved.

2.3. The content of this website, digital and printed samples or ordered stationery are for client's exclusive and personal use only and downloading content is not allowed unless indicated, as so is the copy, distribution, transmission, reprodution, publication, marketing or derived from the contents displayed on the website or respective samples.

2.4. It is client's responsibility to obtain permission to use any images, readings, musical lyrics, poems, songs or other similar material on the wedding stationery  or any other order placed at PipaCrafts. The client is responsible for ensuring the permission to use any material of this kind as PipaCrafts won't be liable for any copyright breach.

2.5. PipaCrafts reserves the right to use any stationery created in order to promote products and services.

P R I C E S :

3.1. PipaCrafts reserves the right to change the prices of their products, pledging also to inform changes through the website or any other social media platform. Prices are applicable on the date an order is made.

3.2. All products have prices in Pounds Sterling (GBP).

C O N S I D E R A T I O N S :

4.1. PipaCrafts will try to accomodate every clients' needs whenever possible; however, the client must allow enough time to make the order.

4.2. Delays may occur if the client takes more than a few days to approve emails with stationery proofs or in the event of late payment for the requested services.

4.3. Considering the stationery has a hand finished, there may be slight variations in each item; the client accepts that there may be slight variations between items. However, every effort will be made to maintain the same level of uniformity in all items and packages.

4.4. Considering that every stationery is made by order, minor variations in color, texture or size may occur and are not defective. The client must note that the colors are merely representative and that due to the different monitor configurations and screens, an exact color match may not always be possible and the stationery may prove to be slightly different in tone as it appears on client's computer/mobile phone/iPad or other devices.

4.5. PipaCrafts can not be responsible for any natural aging of the products or be held responsible in the event of a mishandling caused by delivery services.

4.6. PipaCrafts can not be responsible for any errors or omissions in the content and wording provided by the client.

4.7. Whenever necessary, either for aesthetic reasons, management of item's available space or material characteristics, PipaCrafts may recommend and advise.

4.8. Any changes after final approval are subject to additional fees.

4.9. All orders are carefully packaged to prevent damage during delivery; any damage present in the delivery should be reported immediately.

4.10. Any liability for damage or loss of the order or part thereof, shall pass to the client after accepting the parcel.

4.11. If the client feels that there are discrepancies in the order, should report them by e-mail in a 24h period maximum to

A V A I L A B I L I T Y :

5.1. All orders are subject to availability of paper/cardboard/components, so in the event that a material is unavailable, Pipa Crafts will inform the client with a proposal for a similar alternative, subject to approval.

D E L I V E R Y :

6.1. Deliveries to certain areas/countries may incur additional delivery charges. Delivery times may vary under this circunstances, but any eventual changes will be posted on the main page Home where relevant.

6.2. Delivery charges vary depending on weight, size and selected service for delivery. All delivery dates shown on Quotes are estimated.

6.3. PipaCrafts doesn't get any profit from delivery charges applied by special delivery services.

6.4. Client must make sure to provide a valid delivery address where someone can be present to sign the receipt for the order to be delivered. The client will be informed as soon as the order is shipped and what is the expected delivery date.

6.5. PipaCrafts recommends Special Delivery/Registered Mail on all orders, with special attention to those that are worth more than £40, protecting the client in case of loss or damage during delivery.

6.6. PipaCrafts is not responsible for any loss or damage if the client opts for the standard delivery.

6.7. Note that once dispatched the order according to the shipping option chosen by the client, PipaCrafts no longer have control on the order, so it is entirely delivery services' responsibility to deliver the parcel.

6.8. PipaCrafts is committed to make every effort to provide its products and services as agreed but can not be held responsible for situations beyond its control such as: Withdrawal of materials, Laws of God, War or threat of war, Strike, Industrial actions or trade disputes, Labour litigation, Fire, Flood, Drought, Sabotage, Insurrection, Disturbance of public order, Explosion, Acts, restrictions, regulations, laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on governamental authority, parliamentary or local, or Import or export embargoes.

6.9. PipaCrafts can not be held resposible for any delays in delivery due to payments delays agreed with the client.



R E T U R N S   &   R E F U N D S :

7.1. Due to the nature of the work and considering all products are personalized and handmade, full refunds, returns or exchanges are not possible, so the client is aware of this clause when placing an order with PipaCrafts.

7.2. It may be possible to change/amend the order if it is in an early stage, a situation that is at entire discretion of PipaCrafts and can not be guaranteed.

7.3. The client understands that PipaCrafts does not offer full refunds option once placed the order and once requests for materials suppliers are made.

7.4. If it was given final approval for a proof and the client is not satisfied with the final product, PipaCrafts can not offer any refund for personalized stationery due to time spent on production.

7.5. Any refunds depend solely on PipaCrafts description and will be done only if the stationery is defective or does not match the order specification.

7.6. In the event of a complaint by default, a refund may be made taking into consideration but only the value of the ordered material for placing the order.

7.7. PipaCrafts accepts no responsibility for any consequences that these Returs & Refunds decisions may cause.


C A N C E L L A T I O N S :

8.1. If the client wants to cancel the order, it must notify PipaCrafts in writing immediately, quoting the order number and the reason for cancellation to

8.2. If the client cancels before production of the order has started, PipaCrafts will agree with the client a possible return of the Deposit up to 50% of its value.

8.3. If the customer cancels an order that has already followed for production, it can not be made any refund since the entire order, for its personal and personalized character, will become unusable.


P R I V A C Y :

9.1. PipaCrafts will not share any information provided by the client to third parties.

9.2. All information transmitted by the client to PipaCrafts will be used for exclusive use to provide goods and services to the client, as well as it will be a way to contact the client when necessary.

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