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When Crafts & Coffee collide!

Crafts and Coffee - A little tale...

It all started with a September 2014 Mummies' group in those 'mum-to-be websites' (where they compare your baby as big as a watermelon and where everyone's dreading THE labour) - and before the group gaining its grounds on the famous social network Facebook.

It wasn't a C for Crafts, nor a C for Coffee that brought as together but a C for Caroline that united north to south of UK with September babies.

Neither of us had a September baby!

Baby A was forced to become an August baby and baby E - also named as Captain PicklePants - is the youngest of the gang, decided to be born in October.

It's nearly the 1st anniversary since C - for Momma - launched her inner blogger's adventures - and a blogger mum too!

And that's what is so good about her: The honesty of a home with two children with a small gap between them, a husband and a wife-mother-housewife.

There's nothing but a raw truth of things as they are: The sun is not always the brightest, the sky is not always clear; the carpet is not white and the sofas are not spotless, neither the room has toys hanging from the ceiling to make it possible to see the floor.

In Momma Needs a Coffee, there is the reality of crisis, crying, tantrums for no reason, less good rides, more complicated situations and a mother who, at the bottom of the pyramid, brings the most imperfect of her life and transforms it into something beautiful, real and easy to identify.

I like the optimistic spirit in the midst of chaos, the same smile even if her sweaters or pants are stained with baby food, with or without poorly taken selfies, the 'earth-y' yet happy picture about who she is and who transmits to be.

I couldn't identify more, unless by changing Momma Needs a Coffee for Momma Needs a Cappuccino.

Yeah... the coffee... even after all the sickness during pregnancy - nearly 18-months ago and deep revulsion, coffee is still not my friend...

Valentine's & Giveaways

For the Valentine's Day, Momma decided to surprise her Bearded One (truth be told, the man was taken from the Disney's classic, Beauty and the Beast... for real!) and together we decided to launch a long-promised GIVEAWAY!

How to participate?

Just visit Momma Needs a Coffee on Facebook and she will tell you everything!

Competition is also taking place on Momma Needs a Coffee on Instagram.

What has Momma to tell you about us? Read here!

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